About juST koven

justKOVEN was born as a way to share my life and my experiences. The things I both love and create, things I learn and want to let go of along the way.

justKOVEN is a journey through what I let to call "The Let Go", a space and time in which you allow yourself to be free, to learn, to grow, to create, to fall apart and to do it all without apology. 

Here at justKOVEN I share with you my journey, my life essentially, and what it is like to be in my mind. From writing to fashion, through visuals and words...It is the many layers of who I am and what I feel. 

In starting this blog journey for the second time around I began to understand that a niche is not my lane. I am a person, a person with many layers, many thoughts, feeling and interest. So I have decide to go against the grain...

Because justKOVEN is a journey, not a niche. 


                                              " IT'S A JOURNEY, NOT A NICHE" ~ KOVEN NAHVI

                                              " IT'S A JOURNEY, NOT A NICHE" ~ KOVEN NAHVI