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We all have those moments where we question ourselves, question our choices and question life itself. Most of the time we have moments when our choices are being questioned by those around us, ie: why do you want to move there? How are you going to this or that? why do you like him/her? why are you still_________? WHY...WHY...WHY????

In those moments we feel the need to defend our choices, the moves we make and what we want. Now granted, sometimes some of us are questioned for our own best interest. Especially if it's something that can cause us harm than yeah by all means let it in and take the "heat". Allow the questions to bring about change for the better. On the other hand I've discovered that unfortunately 9 times out of 10, people will question your goals and dreams because they themselves fear moving forward in their own. Dealing with our own fears are enough, don't let their fears become yours too. When it comes to your own dreams, goals and just shit you want to do because it makes you happy, i ask you this one thing...

In the end no matter what any one else says and no matter how any one reacts to what you want/do...How does what you want make you feel? How does doing the things that make you happy make you feel? How does pushing forward towards whatever goals and/or dreams you have make you feel? If the answer is GOOD. GO WITH THAT....and let that be your focus! 

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