A year ago today I decided to start this blog! Since than I have deleted quite a few post because I had a different idea for my blog in mind as time went on...


This blog started out, not as as you know it to be now, but instead was titled BLOOD.SWEAT.&FEELS. The title came from an idea I had for a book that is pretty much the same but transformed into something more. So I found it only right along the way to change the name and direction of my blog although somethings are still the same. 


I found it difficult to stick with a singular themed blog because I myself am not a one sided person. Although for business purposes, separating parts of yourself can be done in order to achieve a successful niche brand. I found myself needing to have more options available to start this blog journey and maybe somewhere down the line I will dive into a set niche blog. But for now it is my focus for you to get to know me, my life, the things I love, enjoy and wish to share along the way, so that it what i'm choosing to do with 


I still have so much more to express and so many places I have yet to dive into that are soon to come. Mostly because I really have to get into a more daily routine with putting out content. But I am also proud of myself for sticking with it thus far, as well as for not being afraid of changes along the way. I wish not only for myself but for everything I create to be forever expanding, growing and in a constant stage of learning for to me that is what builds greatness! 

I come to this blog bare, honest, in good and bad, in great work and imperfections and I look forward to seeing the growth within the next year to come! And most of all I thank you for joining me on the this journey. May you stay tuned and may we let go, create & grow great together! 



Until Next Time,