Thanks to this recent holiday break I had a bit of free time to spend time with family, Netflix my nights away and of course scroll thru Instagram! Doing so I noticed that there were quite a few pages that I would visit everyday and always seemed to be liking every photo they uploaded! Here are the ones that I noticed the most over my break: 


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  1. First up is @GIRLYLIFESTYLEGUIDE! This page is filled with consistent content made for girls who love fashion, makeup, hair, diys, nails and more! The #1 great thing I love about this page is the variety and that you can always expect something new every single day! If you are a girly girl and/or just love to watch super cool tutorials this is page is a MUST FOLLOW for you! Be sure to follow @GIRLYLIFESTYLEGUIDE here! 
  2. Second on my list is @DYLANLEX! The owner Drew is literally my style muse! The way that she puts outfits together with such ease and finesse wows me every time! Both her collection and closet are those of dreams. As soon as you view the feed you are gonna 100% understand exactly what I mean! The jewelry, the hats, the layers upon layers of pure modern bohemian free vibes is one word: EVERYTHING! Be sure to check out @DYLANLEX here! 
  3. Next up on my list, in no particular order, is a new page that looks super cool and has great vibes! I love being one of the first to discover a page or something before it gets big, to be able to see the journey along the way! Soon as I seen @SOULANDSKYE I knew this was going to be one of those adventures, for sure! This page is bohemian based, has a gorgeous cohesive feed and great touches of inspiration that I absolutely adore as well! Definitely stay tuned and follow @SOULANDSKYE here because I see great things in the works for this new page! 
  4. Fourth on my list is @BOSSBABE.INC! If you're ever in need of a good kick in the butt, some motivation, inspiration and just overall girl power this is the page for you! The feed not only looks beautiful but inspires steps and actions one needs to take to make their life more beautiful! If you are a writer, a creator and/or girlboss most definitely follow @BOSSBABE.INC here for your daily dose of inspo! 
  5. Next up we have @OHHEYGIRLSTORE! This page is an online shop Instagram and I just love the clothes they have available. They're cute, quirky and chic, not something you find on Instagram too much! It has it's own flavor, style and is definitely a must watch to find some great pieces for your wardrobe! Be sure to follow @OHHEYGIRLSTORE here
  6. Last but not least on the list is one of my most favorites pages of all @BOHOMATERIALMUMMY! First of all let me just say, I'm a sucker for anything bohemian but this page just does it oh so right! Every single time they upload something you can't help but to like and admire the photo. Just pure, free, full on boho vibes to soothe your care-free soul while daydreaming of all the possibilities in life! You will not be disappointed at all. So be sure to follow @BOHOMATERIALMUMMY here and get lost in the bohemian world with me! 
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I couldn't resist so here is a bonus page of my favs! This page I also just recently discovered and it is a fashionista's dream, photo after photo after photo!

Check out my bonus pick @THEVINTAGEPOINT_ here! Scroll thru the amazing feed and be sure to follow too! 

Well Luvs that is it for today! I hope you enjoyed my top 6 favorite Instagram pages! I also did a video on this post via my YouTube channel check it out below! 



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