March seemed to spring upon us way too fast and now it is almost gone... and on that note....

Although we still have a few more days of the month left I have already found my MARCH FAVS of 2017!!!
To begin my march started off with a trip to DC for work. This was my first time spending more than a few hours in DC since a school trip years ago so needless to say it was all brand new to me! I stayed in the NorthWest part of DC in walking distance to just about everything, if you are a born "walker" like me! I found my way around the DC streets very easily, it kind of reminded me of University City here in Philadelphia. While in DC I shopped of course, visited the Zoo and The Smithsonian to name a few.... but something about the zoo and museum there threw me off completely....WHY????? Cause its was beautiful and FREE!?!?!?! Now how is this so? Here in Philly the zoo and musuem both cost 30 dollars per person more or less.  But here in lovely ole DC it was FREE ???  This both shocked and annoyed me at the same time BUT I thoroughly enjoyed both places in complete awe of their beauty... and it was FREE.... Wait did i say it was FREE!!!!!

Moving on...within the rest of March I purchased quite a lot of new things to try out! One of the first things I got I noticed while in line at Whole Foods.  Now this magazine was expensive $22.99 to be exact, but I was drawn to it, so I splurged on what I typically spend on a magazine. I have to say I'm so glad I did!!! Because this magazine is so well organized, put together and full of gems. In short it's a mindful style magazine, full of good reads and inspiration! Definitely worth the cost so next time you're in Whole Foods be sure to stop by the magazine racks while in line and pick one up or purchase one here at
Flow Magazine www.flowmagazine.com/shop.

Oh and the pages are totally Pinterest style decor worthy too! #BONUS

Next in my March favorites were a few new poetry books! The first two by Jennae Cecelia, who's writing is super relatable and beautiful written. Reading her peotry is literally how I felt when I read the Twilight Saga series years ago. It felt like getting a peek into someone's life by reading their journal. Within the pages you will easily find a reflection of yourself at one moment or another in your life. I always find it so strange how as people we don't necessarily know each other and we may not all experience things the same but yet the feeling still lays there to understand, to relate...its incredible! I highly recommend that you add both of Jennae's books to your book collection for not only is she a great writer and creator but we must support the arts and keep the sharing of that which helps us connect in motion always!!!! Below are the link to both of her books which are available on Amazon both which are under $10!

Bright Minds Empty Souls By Jennae Cecelia http://a.co/fe19wpa Uncaged Wallflower By Jennae Ceceliahttp://a.co/1fs5JHh Find the author above @jennaececelia on IG  

Bright Minds Empty Souls By Jennae Cecelia http://a.co/fe19wpa
Uncaged Wallflower By Jennae Cecelia http://a.co/1fs5JHh
Find the author above @jennaececelia on IG


The next author in my March favs is Allison Marie Conway with her book VEIN! First let me just say, Allison is an extrordinary person, writer and creator! She is one of those people who's work you find and easily become enamored with her ability to be so bare. The way she uses words and puts them together to flow and form expression is done so brillantly ever time. Not to mention on top of that she has such a grateful, high frequency energy that is almost surreal and something I find super refreshing in the world today! I have something special in mind to work on as a special project for her book in April...so stayed tuned for that! Definitely give your soul a present and check out her book with the link provided below and also do yourself a favor add her on Instagram and turn on your notifications... as her page is full of more beautifully written pieces on a daily basis!

Vein By Allison Marie Conway http://a.co/7DEkwdR
Discover the author above @allisonmarieconway on IG
signed copies availabe from her shop on etsy @ www.etsy.com/shop/AllisonMariePoetry

Check out the rest of my March Favorites in the video below for more insight along with each product, how I use them, why I love them and more!!!!

See You Next Time,