Hi and welcome back to BSXF! I'm so happy and grateful to have you here with me today. After a bit of editing I am ready to release PART II of "THE MAKING OF A THEME SONG SERIES". The series will continue sometime in May when I get back in the studio for what will hopefully be the final session.

I have a bit of a problem, if you will, with changing things along the way but I am making a promise here and now to completely finish the song by June!!! Once the song is complete with all my ideas figured out and its all mixed and mastered I will have the song available on my site to download for FREE! I am currently working on some new changes to the blog and will be starting a newsletter soon. Outside of the FREE download on my site the song will also be sent to all subscribers with the first welcoming newsletter plus a few extra goodies. The hook of the song will be used for the intro and outro of my videos....and I'm planning to do a visual for the entire song too!  

Until then let's get in to this next step of my process, THE MAKING OF A THEME SONG: PART II. Thank you for joining me and be sure to check out PART II below :)


xo, Koven