I have been doing a lot of back and forth..trying to make final decision on exactly what it is that I want to achieve with my blog...WHAT IS IT'S PURPOSE? to be exact. In this time I have decided to make two different blogs and two different YouTube channels...all of which will be both launched and relaunched between now and the fall season! 

I am super excited to show you what I have been working on and I hope you enjoy the new layout coming soon! I am completely certain, given that I am a person who lives for change...well more so, constant change lol that more changes will come along the way as I grow and develop more ideas! 

The new blog will have easy to access and understand sections so you can explore what interest you the most! I will also no longer only upload content from my YouTube channel but feature full articles, reviews, visuals and so much more! 

Most books, sites and videos available tell you when doing a blog in order to be successful you must have a niche. I found this theory difficult for me to wrap my mind around because I enjoy change so much, I live for learning something new, being somewhere new, hearing something new, reading something new...etc. I Am A Creator, A Wanderer , A Teachable Explorer...pinning myself down creatively to one mere thing is doable but it wouldn't be fun for me. It also wouldn't be a real representation of who I am. Therefore in making a blog that has my name attached to it, I feel it would have to embody who I am! So for myself and for the creation of this blog in particular, I say NO to the NICHE and yes to the JOURNEY of justKOVEN!

I look forward you joining me, 

Koven Nahvi