The weekend is over and Monday has arrived. Now, most people hate Mondays…I’ll admit I do too sometimes. But I have developed a new routine that makes Mondays better for me and maybe it can help you too!

Usually people use the weekend to sort out their plans for the week but I choose to do so on Mondays!


Because I love to plan and it gives me something to look forward to that I love to do, on an otherwise blah day. It also leaves my weekends dedicated to, recording YouTube videos, going somewhere fun, doing something new and cool, catching up on my shows and of course embracing my femininity by indulging in my infamous at-home spa day on Sundays!!! With weekend fun complete and my mind at ease by Monday I’m ready to slay the week ahead!

During the weekdays and the weekend, I will casually jot down little notes onto one sheet of paper in my notebook of things I have coming up or need. Than when Monday comes around that’s when I roll out my planner to plan for the week ahead with all my combined notes . I like to call this routine: 



 My Current Planner Of Choice Is The Awesomely Cool Ban.Do Planners! They Come With Stickers and Tons Of Inspiration! Find Yours Here @  BANDO.COM

 My Current Planner Of Choice Is The Awesomely Cool Ban.Do Planners! They Come With Stickers and Tons Of Inspiration! Find Yours Here @ BANDO.COM

In my " Paper Monday" weekly plan/to-do list I will include:

·        Meal Prep Ideas for the Week + Grocery Shopping

·        Things To-Do + Goals Set for Work

·        Laying Out Social Media Post for the Week (in the Preview App for Instagram)

·        Prepping Blog Post and Images

·        Chores

·        Miscellaneous Purchases Needed

·        YouTube Video Editing and Prep

·        Setting Aside Time for Any Projects I’m Working On

One thing I also found that’s works super well for my weekly planning is to implement using the envelope system! If you don’t know what the envelope system is and/or if you have never tried it, do it for at least a month, trust me it’ll change your life!


Basically, you take some envelopes (the size option is you to completely depends on how you choose to store them ie: in your wallet, planner, etc.) and label them with whatever your personal spending needs are. For example: bills/expenses that are coming up (ie: cell, rent, electric, internet, car, gas, transportation, Uber, etc) including groceries and household /personal items that may be needed as well. Than place within each envelope the amount of money needed to pay that particular labeled expense. Now you're officially a Budget Goddess!  

For myself personally, if I don’t separate my money this way I will 90% of the time always spend more than I intend too! I also find that using cash works best for me too so I can physically see what I’m spending, which is why I love the envelope system so much! Note, I also include within my envelope system a set budget for the week, an allowance if you will! Intended for my beloved Green Tea Frappe at Starbucks (with almond milk and a banana blended in, try it you'll be hooked sorry for the addiction ahead of time), my occasional need for Dunkin' Donuts coffee…oh yeah and let’s not forget my obsession with acai bowls from Whole Foods!


You’d be surprised how much things add up when you’re not paying attention to everything you are buying throughout the day and week! So, trust me on this, take note and use the envelope system and see how it works for you! You’ll be surprised at how much you can save…and you’ll also discover things you can cut back on too. Like do you really need Starbucks every day??? Little things add up! Now you can use the money you saved to plan an amazing trip you always wanted to take or whatever you choose!

Normally, by time dinner rolls around, my week ahead is planned and Monday has already flown by! How about that! It’s already one day closer to the weekend again! Try this routine for yourself for the next few weeks and send me a message and let me know how it went for you!

OH, one last thing...HAPPY PAPER MONDAY!!!! 

Until next time,