By Koven Nahvi


They say hold on tightly to your dreams

but if you want to see them true you must let them go

They say fight for what you love

but release it and if it comes back than its truly yours

They say study hard

but rest before the test

They say hold on to your truth

but be open to the rest

They say live your life

but also follow the rules

They say share your lifes story

but to be careful with whom you choose

To let in

To keep out

To be free

but cautious still

They say be kind to all

but let no one stomp all over your will

They say plan your days

but the master key is to live in each moments truth

They say its human to make mistakes

but the right way you must choose

They say love is beautiful

but its also filled with pain

They say look only for the sun

but be prepared for the rain

They say you've got your whole life ahaead of you

but the time is moving fast

How you feel about what they say

is why in life we hardly last.

The poem above is a piece I wrote while on the train observing others and myself. I often like the step outside of myself and view things in a sort of fresh mind and return writing down what I seen and felt. So often I see people feeling the need to not just listen to others and observe but to do as they do, as they say. Sometimes without even realizing they are being not themselves. Sometimes we are not ourselves because we feel too different and don't want to "scare" people away. I think this is something we all do and allow at some point or another in one way or another, whether big or small. So often I view others, so often I view myself and I always find that nothing is more important than living in your own truth without apology. How YOU feel is the key to everything. Observe it, take notes, make changes where needed and most of all just BE! 

Until Next Time,