Lately I have been trying my best to stay on top of my social media, mainly Instagram, because I know it plays such a huge roll in success these days. So, I decided to start building a weeks worth of feed in advance every weekend, so I can post at least once a day during the week without too much hassle. In doing so, this past weekend, I wanted to take a flaylay picture of one of my favorite tee shirts. Once the flatlay was done and edited I noticed that I had pulled into the layout some of my most favorite things. Ummmmm...Blog post idea? Absolutely!!! Let’s get into it…here are:



(listed in no particular order)


I probably read a new book every week if not every two weeks! I have been in love with books for as long as I can remember, a true book lover! Everything from vampires to self-help I love to get lost in a book and explore a whole new world or learn something new! My current read is Nothing Is Too Good To Be True by John Randolph Price. Get it, you'll love it, he's amazing! 

2.      NOTEBOOKS:

I love to journal, plan, dream build and just simply doodle. Notebooks are a necessity for my daily use! Even when preparing blog posts, I prefer to write it out on paper first and then transfer it to a word doc file. For me, there is this feeling that lives, in an borderline magically state, when you hold a pen in your hands and write your thoughts, dreams and plans out on paper. For me, that magic, that feeling doesn’t exist when typing something out. A blue pen and paper, to me, is literally the breeding grounds of creating MAGIC!

3.      T-SHIRTS:

I literally live in t-shirts! Clothes wise, there is nothing like a comfortable cotton t-shirt! Urban Outfitters & Forever 21 are currently my favorite places to shop for t-shirts! So many styles and so many ways to style them! Dress it up or dress it down, you can't go wrong! 

4.      YOUTUBE:

YouTube has literally become my entertainment, my main search engine and my go-to before I even turn on the TV at all! And thanks to smart TVs and Chromecast I can literally watch it on TV! I also have a subscription to both YouTube Red and YouTube TV as well as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu on my smart TV which literally cancels the need for cable. BOOM! Savings!!!!

5.      TEA/MATCHA:

You can literally soothe your whole entire soul in a great cup of tea/matcha! Anytime I want to feel cozy or just relax in general I will 100% of the time always go for a cup of tea/matcha! If you slip into a soft cotton over-sized, boyfriend fit t-shirt and get extra cozy it makes it even better. My current tea/matcha favorites are a brand of peppermint tea from Whole Foods called Paromi Tea and a Japanese Sweet Green Tea Matcha that I also purchased from Whole Foods by a brand called Rishi! The peppermint tea has thee most divine fragrance, everything about it is just smooth and soothing. The green tea matcha comes in a powder form that can be used many ways! My preferred method of using the Rishi Japanese Sweet Green Tea Matcha is to blend a tablespoon of the powder with an electric frother into a cup of warm unsweetened almond milk! Let me tell you, not only does it taste amazing but there is something about sipping on a great cup of matcha that feels super luxurious too! Pinkies up! 

6.      MUSIC:

Music is life period. It’s not debatable. Music has the absolute ability to make you feel whatever you want to feel and it’s just such a powerful tool of expression! My current favorites to blast are the entire Jessie Reyez  "Kiddo" album and a playlist I made on my Google Play Music titled "Koven Vibes", which includes everything from Usher and Trey Songz to Meek Millz and Lauryn Hill! Oh and the classic Amerie album "All I Have", that in my eyes will never die! I mean just listen to "I Just Died" and "All I Have" from her All I Have album and tell me that's not vibes on vibes on top of vibes!!!! 

7.      SUNBLOCK:

I’m obsessed with the Elta MD sunblock. It’s light weight, doesn’t leave a crazy white cast and helps to keep my skin even in tone! TRIPLE WIN!!! Check out my skincare video on YouTube here for more details

8.      JEWELRY:

If I’m going out chances are high I have on layers of jewelry! I love a great boho, chic, Dylanlex style! Who is Dylanlex?!? If you’re not following Dylanlex on Instagram I don’t know what you are doing with your life but I forgive you! Just note, the levels of style the creator Drew brings to her brand is literally thee vibe of life! If nothing else today, make sure you go follow @Dylanlex on Instagram and comment "@koven.nahvi sent me" on their latest pic!!! 

9.      CRYSTALS:

I have a hearty crystal collection that I love so much because just seeing them helps to keep me balanced. There is literally a crystal available for anything in your life you need help, adjustments and/or upkeep with! I highly recommend checking out some crystals to see what works for you! My favorite is a heart shaped selenite stone! I will make a post about this soon, stay tuned! 


If I’m not feeling it, I will not give it attention and/or I will 100% walk away. Bad vibes are not my jam. I know every day/ everything won’t be perfect but if I can control it I’m always going to make the choice to either not give attention to or walk away from anything that rubs me the wrong way. Especially people, some will drain all of the life out of you if you let them, taking all they can til you have nothing left to give. These types of people are called "psychic vampires"...BEWARE! I have no patience or space for people with bad vibes at all! It’s not that I don’t care…it’s that I've grown to understand that for myself, for my own well-being, that energy is everything and therefore I’m very mindful of the energy I keep around me! If you don't take care of your own energy and well-being you can't possibly be your best for yourself or others. So when the choice is an option, its always GOOD VIBES ONLY.

With that said,  I hope you enjoyed my current (and probably has been for all my life thus far) top 10 Things I Can’t Live Without!

How about you…what are some things can’t you live without?!? Let me know in the comments below! 


Until Next Time,