Sunday morning, I woke up inspired to take some photos of myself. Which is highly unusual because I normally loathe having my picture taken. I had recently purchased a beautiful black floral robe from Zara covered in a white and deep-yellow flower print. I knew I wanted to wear it in the photos but I didn’t know how yet. As I was prepping my face and hair I kept taking glances of the robe. Note, I’m one of those annoying people that makes a song out of everything and between glances began to sing the words, “Beneath The Bloom”, over and over again. I honestly didn’t even pay it any attention till I was ready to choose something to wear with the robe. Still singing the tune, it clicked…take the photos literally beneath the bloom or in this case under the floral print robe. With that thought in mind I set up my studio lights, sat on the floor of my bedroom and draped the robe over my head and began taking pictures. It wasn’t until I was done and went to view and edit the pictures hours later that I realized I created something with a deeper meaning. It started as taking pictures under a floral print robe for great atheistic and creative form. But it was thee inspired tune created thru glances of the robe, the angles and the feel of the photos that BENEATH THE BLOOM was created.



I could easily lie and say I had this whole thing figured out before I shot it. I could say I had a vision. But I didn’t, I just had an idea that became something more once it was viewed. It was the expression upon my face, the bareness of my face and the rawness of the photos taken that inspired me to start a SELFIE SERIES. Each series will have a different function and meaning that I hope I can continue to do more of! With this particular “SELFIE SERIES”, I noticed a deeper meaning of the words I sang playfully and the meaning connected so well with the photos that I knew I created something special!

The meaning behind BENEATH THE BLOOM is what I feel is the embodiment of most of us in today’s world. We don’t like to admit it but we are all trying to prove something even if only to ourselves. To prove that we are great, that we are worthy…that we are more and also that we want more.

Lately I have been listening to a lot of seminars and reading a lot of books about changing your thoughts and changing your story to build a better life or the life that you want! In literally devouring all this information I noticed that I can read the same books a month apart or listen to the same seminar a week apart and get something totally new from it every time! It’s in that realization that I made a connection in understanding that we are in a continuous state of blooming but somehow, we feel beneath the bloom, still in the roots, deep in the dirt, never satisfied and never really, fully seeing our beauty. Because we are not necessarily accepting of the fact that the bloom is a daily thing. The bloom is not a one stop shop of “Hey I made it, now everything ends here”. It’s continuous. Which is why you can read the same book, listen to the same seminar, take the same class or whatever and get something different or notice something new from it every time. So now my daily share to everyone is, “Fear not the changes and embrace the continued state of blooming within!”


I placed the pictures together and felt the meaning that was brewing behind them. I have a habit of writing a poem, a note or lyrics to everything that inspires me. This is what the pictures said to me:


By Koven Nahvi

We are…
Born bare but full of magical things
In growth, we hold on, collecting many, many ways
Ways that weigh heavy we long to be free
Buried with materialism on the head of thee…
Drowning in the need of what we already possess
Busy trying to prove we bare an S on our chest
We yearn for love but hide when it’s near
Finding comfort in darkness, light often wanted but feared
Know you are not alone share your truth with others
When you let go it’s than you’ll go farther
Fear not the connect, it lies within
Even in darkness light blooms…just began. 

I put together a little video too check out the making of BENEATH THE BLOOM below! 

Until next time,