Discovering FIRMOO has been one of the best additions to my writer mode! I am one of those people who likes to go into a different mode and/or persona when doing certain things…of course still being myself but instead bringing forth a different part of me. I personally believe we all have different sides to ourselves. For example, when I’m in writer mode I find myself in a different head space than when I’m in Youtuber mode and have to record a video. Each of these sides are still me but when working on certain things my head-space, my energy, my focus, etc are different.

I personally, don't need glasses but when writing I like to wear non-prescription glasses in full on "librarian style". Something about doing so makes me feel more focused and in the zone. I like to imagine that I’m in a beautiful high tower corner executive office with large ceiling to floor windows overlooking an amazing city view. In complete full on boss mode as my fingers glide across the keyboard of my laptop dishing out complete greatness, while sitting at a luxurious desk in a chair so fit for the gods that it's practically a throne! Hey, it works for me...!



Glasses Specs:












Pink with Gold Detail Arms

* Style: S903(C9)







* NON-RX Lens: Standard (1.5)

* Add-on 1: Anti-Scratch 

What I love so much about FIRMOO is that they have so many styles available for such a great price. Glasses on their site cost no more than $39! If you need prescription you can get it added in as well as everything from anti-scratch lenses to anti-glare lenses!

The first pair of glasses that I have from FIRMOO are pink with gold arms and they suit my face so well! All in thanks to the handy shape face option on the site. You simply pick your face shape and it will give you a ton of suitable options for your personal face shape! There is also another added bonus of having the option to upload your own picture and place the glasses on the face of the picture you uploaded virtually so you can see even better if you found the perfect fit and style for you! It's also perfect to use so you can find the perfect style and fit when buying as a gift for someone else you know who loves and/or wears glasses too! 

I mean it doesn’t get any better than that! Lots of options, tons of styles, colors and even sunglasses too! Check out my full review on the video below!

Oh and by the way

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