Last week I decide to make probably one of the best skincare purchases I could ever make. I purchased The Minamul skincare set which within itself is a full experience.  A luxurious bundle that comes with four pieces to help detox, rejuvenate and keep your skin healthy and at its best! The set comes in a beautiful sleek box and please note that the box itself is definitely a keeper because it can be used for a cool DIY storage project for your desk, hair accessories, jewelry and more. Everything within this bundle is of great quality. 


Within the box you will discover a full guide that thoroughly explains and demonstrates how to properly use everything in the set! Next there is a small dry face brush, a full detachable dry body brush, a loofah back scrubber and a black bamboo charcoal konjac sponge. This set is really filled with all the goods you will need to keep your skin nice and healthy from head to toe the natural way!


Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin...and there are both mental and physical sides to this understanding. In taking care of the physical you can uplift the mental and by taking care of the mental you care uplift the physical. Self-care is all about balance and finding natural ways to take care of both is always the way to go for me!

More specifically I am excited to try this kit because I deal with holding water weight in my legs and dry brushing is the perfect way to detox this area and keep the circulation flowing properly. Which in return will help my body move, flow, feel and look better. It's an all around WIN!

 I am also excited to use the facial konjac sponge and the facial dry brush as well because my skin needs extra help with cell turnover and both of these items are perfect for that! Which in return may help me to no longer have to use medium grade glycolic acid products on my face to help with exfoliation. 


I have decide to do a full 30 day review on all of these products, taking pictures of my bare face and my legs as this will be my focus and come back to you with a full review of my experience with the products and changes in my skin! I will be starting my 30 day journey on the Minamul Rejuvenation Experience August the 8th and will return with my results sometime a bit after September 8th!


Below I have placed the video of the full unboxing on my Youtube channel as well as the link to purchase your own Minamul Rejuvenation Experience Bundle for a great price is available for you right HERE!!!


Enjoy and see you next time,