It is also a needed tool in providing a place to just keep yourself moving along and forward in today’s world. Now, I consider myself a moderately hefty Pinterest explorer and definitely a YouTube adventurous, almost never allowing a day to go by without checking at least one of the sources, if not both. Copy, pasting and saving little nuggets of inspiration in the clouds of my technology. Pinterest within itself is a creator’s dream! It’s the place you go to find inspo, gather outfits, explore new routine options, claim refreshing workouts and so much more. Due to these search engines being a part of my daily routine I found myself running into some of the same things often. One of which was a pretty cool grid used to hang up pictures, quotes and any other thing that could supply you inspiration and/or brought happiness into your life. From goals and quotes, to pics of family and friends, the options are endless. It’s an idea that is built purely around you and whatever it is that you want out if it.

For me personally I wanted mine to be something that matched the aesthetic in my home and was cost effective! The cost was important especially for someone like me because I like to change things around a little bit too often. I am a true wanderer, always needing constant change, seeing and learning new things. So I looked at the pictures I already had stored on my laptop, printed the ones I felt suited my needs for this project in 4x6 prints on glossy paper and grabbed some tiny gray clips that I had intended to use months ago but never got around to using. I already had a few fairy lights stashed away in my "tech/diy box", the only thing I needed now was something to make the grid!

After searching though a few YouTube videos I decide the easiest and most cost effective way would be to use tape. It doesn’t get any easier and cheaper than tape right?!?

Thanks to my handy dandy kitchen drawer that is well stocked with odds and ends I found electric tape! I really preferred to use washi tape but this would do for the first try!



...and headed off to my room, measuring out the first strip of tape to see how wide and long I wanted my grid to be. I started with the whole outside perimeter, creating a large rectangle and from there went into mapping out the full grid. I honestly just eyeballed the whole project, it was just tape I could easily take it down and make adjustments if needed. Once my grid was complete I placed the tiny gray clips on to every printed and cut picture I had laid out and placed a small round piece of the same tape used to make the grid onto the back of every picture. From there I positioned each picture into place until I was satisfied with the layout! Last thing left to do was to add the fairy lights. I attached a 3m Velcro strip from my kitchen drawer stash onto the base of the fairy lights and place it on to the wall.  Next I weaved the lights through the clips until there was no more left!


 In literally ten minutes including the time it took to print and cut the pictures I was done. My new inspo grid was complete, full of both aesthetically pleasing pictures that matched my style and bits of inspiration through out as well! I think it turned out pretty well and the cost for me was free because I already had everything I needed! But even if I I didn’t have those items on hand and had to purchase them I could have easily made the same grid for under 25 dollars! Super cost effective and allowed me to try something new! 



Until next time,