Take out your phone or pull out a paper and pen or simply click the link at the bottom of this post. Because I have put together the entire playlist in a link below via Google Play Music so you can get straight to downloading and vibe out. Okay, it's time to search, download and press play! From old to new and some in between, I definitely have some vibes on this list for you. READY, SET, Let get into these VIBES!!! 

1.      Shining by DJ Khaled ft Beyonce and Jay-Z ~ No explanation needed. It’s Beyonce and Jay-z.

2.      Heavy Heart by Meek Mill ~ Literally love this song! There is something about the beat drop and the classic Philly sound that just gets me every time! And the FACTS he’s dropping in the lyrics just makes it even better!

3.      Bodak Yellow by Cardi B ~ You seriously have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard this song, but don't worry I got you! This is the current ultimate vibe out song. It doesn't matter where you are just put on your shades, pick up a pen, a brush, whatever you can find to mimic a microphone in your hand, press play and Cardi B will have you in your own LIT world with this song for sure! 

4.      Drive By by Eric Bellinger ~ This will forever be on every playlist I make…his voice, the lyrics, the music…#EVERYTHING!

5.      Great One by Jessie Reyez ~ Her entire album titled Kiddo is just amazing! It’s real, raw and authentic!

FYI I will always have some throwbacks on every playlist too... so here we go with the last 5!


6.      1 Thing by Amerie ~ I will never, never, ever get tired of this song! If you have never heard it please download it, search it on YouTube, watch the video…if nothing else do yourself this one favor today, you won’t regret it!

7.      I Can Change Your Life by Lloyd ~ Seriously this should be every guys continuous set intentions with a girl he likes or loves…I mean not that us girls need our lives “changed” but have something good to offer! HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!

8.      Sex On The Ceiling by Sevyn Streeter ~ The levels of respect I have for Sevyn as a songwriter and vocalist is just super duper high! And this song is just so vibey, sexy, clever and chill at the same time…can't help but to love it!!!

9.      Love Don’t Change by Jeremih ~ This song tho...I live for this song! It just feels good, it’s such a vibe and the lyrics are super real and sweet #WINNING

10.   Yes, No, Maybe & Y.A.S. by Trey Songz ~ This one is a double up because they have to be listened to together, in my opinion. I don’t know one girl that can’t relate to these two songs in some way shape or form unfortunately. Did I mention also the fact that Trey’s vocals in them are just (insert girly sigh…okay 3 girly sighs)…Trey is so underrated to me, I could go on all day about this one! Plus, the way songs are setup is just so epic, kind of like a movie thru music. You can literally visualize the whole thing. The entire Trigga album is vibes on vibes on vibes! Buy it, download it,Thee End.

I hope you enjoyed my current top 10 music playlist for September 2017! If you have Google Play Music here is the link to the list below!


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Until Next Time,