It’s been awhile...I have been taking a non-intentional break from blogging and uploading on my social media as well. Not because I haven’t wanted to do so, just simply because I haven’t had the energy. Lately I have been finding myself in a place where I can only pull together enough energy to get through my daily job. On my way to work, while I am at work and even on my way home I have so many ideas, so many things I want to do for my blog, etc. but once I get home I simply lose all of my energy.

Doing Kovember and Vlogmas was a lot of work indeed and I should’ve issued myself a break anyway but instead I wanted to keep going...but it just didn’t happen.

Good thing is, I wrote down every idea that came to mind and will be incorporating every single one of them into this year! So all is not lost, well expect time. But moving forward, into this moment right here and right now I bring to you:

5 Steps To Having A Bad-Ass Sunday

Livho 1.jpg


Ok! So Sunday is all about relaxing, chilling and getting ready for the week ahead right?!? Well, why not turn the normal “Chill Sunday” into “Bad-Ass Sunday” vibes?!? Being bad-ass doesn’t have to mean doing “bad” things it can also simply mean doing good things that makes you feel great and productive too!

So let’s get into my personal 5 Steps To Having A “Bad-Ass” Sunday:

1.      Put on your Livho shades! Oh, you don’t have any yet? Check them out at @livho_official on Instagram and use code: PNV8GYV6 for 10% off your purchase this week only! 😎

2.      Throw on your favorite earrings with your most comfy outfit. I love to wear hoops when I’m in “Bad-Ass” mode. Something about hoop earrings just says “Bad-Ass” to me!!! ✔

3.      Talk a walk in your neighborhood in a direction you don’t normally go towards. Because staying in shape and finding something new is EVERYTHING! I know I cant be the only person that doesn’t know all the sections of my neighborhood 🤷. This is mostly because we tend to take the same route every day. Although lately, I have been taking different routes everywhere I go! Doing so, I always discover something new! Whether it's a new coffee shop or store that I never knew was there before! It’s sort of refreshing to find something new once in a awhile. 🚶‍♀️

4.      Once you get back home, grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and get cozy with a new book! Today I will be diving into “Light Is The New Black” for the 2nd time! If you don’t have “Light Is The New Black” by Rebecca Campbell, get it you’ll love it…trust me! I mean, books in general are LIFE! There is nothing like diving into a new book or even a book you have already read and love so much you’d read it again and again! 📖

5.      Create something new even if it’s just a simple IG pic, because to me creating is thee most bad-ass thing you could ever do! Don’t you agree?!? 😍

Well that is the end of my 5 things you can do to have a “Bad-Ass” Sunday or any day really...because if nothing else know this:



Until Next Time,