If your anything like may have great looking teeth but sensitivity is a HUGE problem. My teeth have been pained by sensitivity all of my life. Everything from hot to cold, sweet to sour you name it..almost everything leads to some type of sensitivity in my teeth. 

I've probably tried every sensitive toothpaste know to man. Sometimes they work great for a while and than my teeth, that clearly seems to have a mind of it's own, decides that product just isn't cutting anymore. Than i'm right back to having pain in my teeth, yet again. 

Well, last month thankfully I discovered something new! On the hunt, because one not only are my teeth super sensitive but due to all the cups of coffee and tea I drink on a daily basis, I started to notice my teeth weren't so white anymore either. 

I've tried all types of natural toothpastes that claim to whiten your teeth: turmeric, neem and charcoal. But never a chemical free teeth whitening system like CARBON COCO!!! 

CARBON COCO has literally changed the game for me and I hope my teeth continue to agree! Thus far they do very much!

The first thing I noticed about CARBON COCO after receiving my package and diving in for the first try, was that the packaging was super chic and cute! #BONUSPOINTS

Within the package was a jar of Natural Teeth Whitening Powder, 1 toothbrush and a tube of Activated Charcoal Toothpaste with a fresh flavor of spearmint paired with a lush silk CARBON COCO drawstring travel bag! 


Now I've tried a few charcoal powders before but none like this! The CARBON COCO Natural Teeth Whitening Powder literally feels like silk in your mouth, it's so unbelievably smooth! But that's not the only surprise I also had zero taste! You heard me right...a charcoal powder with zero taste because it so finely milled and doesn't leave a gritty feeling in your mouth either. #WINNING

So you brush for 3 minutes with the powder. Rinse and than move on to the toothpaste. Now if your new to this, caution to note, the toothpaste is black too! It's actually pretty cool because once you start brushing your teeth with the toothpaste it begins to change to a really light gray color that is almost white like regular toothpaste! 

You continue to brush with the toothpaste as well for 3 mins. When you're all done rinse and you are finished! Now once again if your anything like me, at this moment you are going to be super impressed with how clean your mouth feels! I mean it literally feels like you just had a visit to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, once your done with your 2 steps! IT IS THAT GOOD! Cleaner, whiter teeth with every use. 😎

So if you have: 

  1. Sensitive teeth
  2. Drink tons of coffee and/or tea and are looking for a safe way to whiten your teeth
  3. Love to use products that are chemical free

Than the CARBON COCO tooth whitening and cleaning system is just right for you! Don't wait another day, suffering with stained and/or sensitive teeth, join me on my journey to healthier, whiter teeth using a chemical free and safe teeth whitening product with none other than CARBON COCO ❤ 


Want to see and know more?!? Check out my YouTube video below for more on CARBON COCO