It has been a while since I have made a post. Months in fact, but behind the scenes I have still be working and writing a lot! I currently find myself in this phase of redirection. Trying to really figure out where I want to go. Not just with my blog but also with this idea I have in my head as a brand, in building a brand in a nutshell. 

Finding a set focus is difficult for me. Too many ideas flowing constantly. I've been taking the time this year to kinda let everything free, pen to paper...fingers to keyboard. In the hopes and intention of clearing my mind so I can find a particular focus. 


What I have discovered thus far is that...everything isn't for everybody and a single focus doesn't work for me. I thrive best when I have a lot on the table, when my hands are in different pots of creativity. As my tagline says, "It's A Journey. Not A Niche."...and that feeling, feeling of freedom that lay in the ability to have choices and options is what is real to me. So I have chosen to continue to do just that..but I will be working on switching my blog to a new platform that gives me more flow. And honestly, for me change is so necessary right now. 

I'll get more into that in my next few post. But until than stay tuned for the next one because i'm going to share with you 5 Ways To Be A Goddess This Summer ❤