So, you wanna know how to get out of a rut and make your dreams come true? Well, so do I and I think I have finally found just the thing to spring myself into better action! How? Currently I’m re-reading, for the 3rd time in a row within the last couple of weeks, an amazing book called Life In Half A Second by Matthew Michalewicz. Diving into the first chapter alone will have you completely shook! Why? Because this book gathers perspective so well. In the beginning of the book the writer offers you a closer look into what really matters in life but more so, he makes you pay focused attention on the amount of time we have left here on earth to live…before it’s too late.

Personally, it blew my mind how he shows you the difference in your thought process when shown years versus days. If one was to live until the average age of 80, here in America, the amount of years would obviously be a lesser number than those years added up into days. But somehow, because we perceive years to be long when shown the length of estimated time left in days instead you realize how little time you really have left. When you see and add up your own number based on the average life span...something in you just switches. You began to question every move you make. You began to rethink what it is you’re doing with your life and where you truly want to go.

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The Perception of Time:



Let’s says you are currently 25 years old. That would mean (in an average life span of 80 years old) you would only have 20,075 days left. You see that? You feel that feeling that just shifted within you. Makes you think doesn’t it? Seeing 55 years left in comparison to only 20,075 days connects a spark within. Suddenly, you don’t feel like you have a ton of time left do you? That is exactly how I felt and still feel every time I read this book or merely think of my own number. 

I’ve read so many books on this same topic of living in the power of now and so forth. But none have ever brought to my attention the lack of time as this book has. What I love about it the most is that seeing this different view point (for me) has created a sense of urgency. The urgency to not put things off and to do them now, plan for them now, not next year but in the nearest possible future, if not today!  

The book takes you through many ways to get to the point of what I like to call “Freedom Planning.” Planning action steps in a way that almost feels like a bucket list, on a daily-basis. But it goes beyond the planning and beyond the action steps, there is something about the visual of it all that puts you in a space of freedom of expression too. What I mean by that is, I’ve always been a blunt and straight-forward person, but now I really feel the absolute freedom and need to speak on how I feel about whatever without hesitation.




But the strangest thing for me during this whole process is the fact that I’ve been reaching out to my resources. I’m not a huge networker at all. I rather be the helper than the one being helped. Mostly, because I’m very particular about how things are handled and also because due to my own experiences in life most people I don’t find trust-worthy let alone reliable. In all honestly,10% of people I just haven’t given the chance to be reliable or trust-worthy and the other 90% are the very reasons why. With that said, I’ve consciously chosen to let-go of past disappointments and even future disappointments by choosing to use my resources and network as much as my personal capacity allows me. Because at the end of the day, life has got to be give and take right? I can’t place myself in a position to constantly be a giver and never receive in return or have my flow replenished. That thought process alone, even without actual action taken is a huge step for me, trust me! I’m a tough cookie.




I promise you I could go on and on forever about this book. But above all, I felt the need to write, even if only a short post about the book because just this one example alone has changed so much for me and I wish the same positive change for you as well. Do yourself a favor, pick up the book today! Order it on Amazon right now, I put the link below just for you…trust me you won’t be disappointed. I will continue to share my Life In Half A Second stories and progress with you and I hope once you get the book you share your stories with me too!





Life In Half A Second

How To Achieve Success Before It's Too Late

By Matthew Michalewicz