I recently purchased this super cute silk scarf from Amazon by a company called Coloris Edition. It’s grey with pink llamas and literally matches my aesthetic perfectly so I had to have it! I love cute silk scarves because they transition into every season so easily and can be styled so many ways. When I received my package in the mail I was so impressed with the packaging and quality that I knew I had to figure out a way to include it in a blog post!

justkoven coloris editon flatlay.jpg

Let's Get Things T

ied Up. 

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Than it hit me….the word TIE popped into my head and I immediately came up with an idea to do a blog post showing how our everyday accessories and style actually tie together with moments in our lives.


The clothing we wear everyday alone says so much about who we are. It’s also quite effective to dress a certain way or wear a certain color to enhance a particular mood and/or make you feel a certain way. But what does this have to do with scarves in particular? Oh, so many things!!!

What do scarves do for the most part? They hold things together by tying them into place and in some cases they bring things together by tying them together into a mood, look and/or style. There’s a difference.

In life there are good ties and bad ties. The ties that hold things together for the better and the ties that are not necessarily the best. You know those things/people in life you hold onto even when you know you need to let go. Yeah…those bad ties!

So I got to thinking and came up with a cool blog post idea. Let's get into it! 


Now before I began please note this is only a small portion of possibilities in ways you can “untie and/or tie yourself”…but because this post was inspired by a scarf i'm loving we are going to focus on 2 things only! These two photos I took below: coloris edition.jpg


 IT ALL TOGETHER coloris editon 3.jpg

The first photo...let’s call this: PULL YOUR HAIR UP!

How can we identify a lesson in this photo along with the scarf? Simple. Most of us use a scarf in our hair to pull our hair up and out of our faces. How does that correlate with lessons of life? Well in pulling your hair up and tying it the whole point is get your hair out of your face and therefore see more clearly! This is what we call a “good tie”…having the ability to move, remove and lift things away so that you can see more clearly and have a better understanding in life and/or a situation. See what I did there? You’re getting it now! High Five!


Step 1: Involves letting go.

·        Moving things in your life around that aren’t working

·        Accepting change

·        Allowing different points of view

·        Embracing the shift

·        Making space to see and understand more clearly

Step 2: Involves pulling things together.

·        Making necessary changes

·        Taking inspired action

·        Developing daily habits for the better

How does this compare to tying up your hair? When we tie our hair up most of us do "the bend over" method.  Where we bend over, shake, pull and brush our hair together! When doing this you are rearranging and setting things into place as you wish for them to be! Moving around the messy strands and then placing them neatly into order. Which is basically the same act as letting go and pulling things together! Kind of cool when you think about it right?!?

Okay now on to the next part of our fun little comparison here. 

HOW TO UNTIE YOURSELF coloris edition 2.jpg

Step 1: Involves yet again letting go.

Step 2: Involves yet again pulling things together.

Everything in life whether it’s a good tie or a bad tie involves two things. Letting go and pulling things together.

But with “untying” the difference is that your level of awareness is required to be a bit more intact. You have to be able and willing to truly see what you need to let go of. The act of untying something involves a different type of letting go because it’s usually something that is not good for you AT ALL. It could be a person, a job, a lifestyle…anything really.

But in the case of needing to “untie” something there is usually a source of attachment there that you either can’t see or that you do see but still somehow you let it take hold of you. Which requires a bit more work and most importantly patience with yourself. Things that are bad for us that we choose to hold onto are normally things that have been with and around us for years and no one should ever expect for change to happen overnight when it's something that has been with you for so long.

In the end, in order to both tie and untie yourself to live your best life you have to be willing and open to letting go and pulling things together. Getting rid of what doesn’t work or doesn’t serve your best interest/growth and then pull together the things that do work and do serve your best interest/growth.

Another day, another lesson in the importance of letting go so you can truly pull things together for the better!